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The act of "撸毛" (lū máo) doesn't yield high returns for most people.


There are very few projects that airdrop tokens to users who contribute to ecosystem development.#

On one hand, it depends on the "scope" of the project.
The so-called "scope" refers to the recognition by the project team (including investment institutions) of the contributions made by users in the early stages of project ecosystem development, and the benefits of rewarding these users with tokens outweigh the drawbacks.
On the other hand, and more importantly, it depends on the project's expectations for token economics and market-making plans.
The most important aspect, whether it's users, project teams, or investment institutions, is that everyone enters this circle with the goal of making a profit. So, the most realistic question is how to maximize investment returns. For project teams and investment institutions, choosing to airdrop tokens is more of a branding strategy to increase the popularity of the tokens and thereby boost the subsequent token market-making.

A two-tier differentiation in the value of airdrops offered by projects#

Think back carefully, since you entered this circle until now, how many times have you heard of "big rewards"? Most airdrops are at the level of "small rewards," and of course, there are some "big rewards" like "Haidilao," but compared to the time and even monetary costs spent on "撸毛," they seem quite stingy. Most of the people who join the "撸毛" army are actually attracted by those "big rewards" airdrops, but often when it's their turn, they're not so lucky.

The cost issue of "撸毛"#

  1. For testnet projects, there is basically no need to invest money, only time costs are required, but the time span is often very long.
  2. For public beta projects, both monetary and time costs are required.
  3. For "撸毛" with multiple accounts, you also need to equip yourself with "equipment." At the very least, you have to buy Twitter, Discord, Gmail accounts, and for more advanced users, you need to buy IP addresses, fingerprint browsers, etc. Some people are very clever, they write tutorials for you, guide you in "撸毛," recommend "equipment" to you, and then profit from it, commonly known as "buying shovels."
  4. The most important and something that everyone has to face is sunk costs. If you only "撸毛" halfway and the project is exposed with negative news or you no longer want to continue, all the previous investment becomes worthless. If you persist with a stiff upper lip, you may end up with nothing.

Survivorship bias#

Most people see others getting rich through airdrops and are eager to join in, thinking that as long as they work hard, they can also succeed, but they overlook the Pareto principle of wealth distribution. Regardless of the field, only a very small number of people can reap the bountiful rewards.


More and more capital is entering the "撸毛" field, and most people are fighting alone. They can't compete in terms of strength, can't send messages faster, and their productivity tools can't keep up. They also lack research and investment capabilities. How can they play?

Can we still "撸毛"?#

Yes, we can!
But we need to recognize our own capabilities and act within our limits!
Many people indeed don't have much capital and don't care about time costs. It is completely possible to participate in projects that don't require much monetary investment. However, don't have too high expectations for airdrops.

The harsh reality#

For most people, the risk-reward ratio of "撸毛" is not as good as gambling. Of course, I'm not saying that gambling can make money, but compared to "撸毛," gambling can at least give you quick results. If you make money, you can continue; if you lose, you can walk away.
Don't just rely on "撸毛" for hope. You may have seen some people bet on airdrops and get rich, but they have other channels to profit from besides "撸毛," and you can't compete with them.

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