Nonsense - Connext airdropping

Connext can receive airdrops tomorrow!

Some basic information about the airdrop:
Total supply of NEXT: 1,000,000,000
Token allocation is as follows:


The following portions are subject to lock-up requirements:

  • Early Backers
  • Ecosystem & Strategic Backers
  • Early Team & Advisors
  • 50% of tokens allocated to Routers and Community Advocates as part of the Airdrop (2.15% of the total supply)

The lock-up period includes a 1-year lock-up and linear release. In other words, 1/13 of the tokens will be released on September 5, 2024, and the remaining tokens will be unlocked in equal monthly distributions of 1/13 until all tokens are fully unlocked (24 months after the next airdrop).
The above portion needs to be locked up for 1 year, accounting for 46.335% of the total supply.
For more details, please refer to the official documentation:

Now, let's talk nonsense!
The deadline for reporting witches was 3 days ago, and the list of witches is expected to be released later.

  1. The list of witches mainly consists of airdrop whales with clear evidence, while scattered ones are likely to escape punishment because the official doesn't have the resources to verify scattered wallets, and the amount of airdrop confiscated from them is not significant.
  2. Excluding the 2.15% given to routers and community advocates, the actual airdrop amount given to users accounts for 8.55%.
    Now let's make some predictions about this part:
    Assuming that the final amount confiscated in the witch hunt accounts for 50% of the total airdrop amount, witch hunters can obtain 25% of the confiscated amount, which is 12.5% of the total airdrop amount. Among them, 50% can be claimed immediately during the airdrop, which is 6.25% of the total airdrop amount. In this case, the directly released airdrop amount will decrease from 8.55% of the token supply to 4.81%. The relationship between the remaining confiscated amount and the directly released airdrop amount is shown in the following figure:


  1. Based on the above airdrop information, the distribution of tokens that can be directly released is as follows:


Excluding the airdrop portion, the remaining portion accounts for 44% of the token supply. It is unknown whether the official will increase the lock-up period for this portion, but at least this is the information currently available.

I smell the scent of money~

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