Nonsense - ENS Next Round

Main Domain + Subdomain

The hottest trend in the previous round was the collection of 10K digital domain names, which I believe is the beginning of this round of ENS narrative.
Different from the 10K digital domain names, the subdomains in this round will help promote ENS on a larger scale for the following reasons:
1 - ENS has introduced subdomain functionality and is working on interoperability across multiple chains;
2 - The barrier to entry for subdomains is lower, with more costs covered by the main domain initiators;
3 - The domain name xxx.eth corresponds to the parent entity eth, and the collective names are all user-generated, lacking cohesion and stickiness;
4 - Subdomains provide the main domain with a higher degree of freedom in value discovery space, which can be a sub-brand, team member, or brand customer

The participants in the previous wave of ENS were mainly retail investors, with few institutional investors participating. My point of view is that the narrative lacks depth and the narrative space is limited. With the promotion of subdomains and interoperability across multiple chains, the ENS story is still promising.

Friendly reminder!
Before the interest rate cut and liquidity injection, the main focus in the market is still on existing assets.
A strong narrative requires a large number of users and funds to support it, which is clearly not the case at the moment.
Being optimistic about a certain track does not mean you need to bet immediately. Stay informed and invest cautiously!

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