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RWA - Real World Assets
Reasons to be optimistic about RWA:

With the influx of external funds brought by BTC's ETF, RWA, being a more "real" track, can retain capital.

We previously mentioned that there will be new DeFi in the future, but where will it come from? RWA+DeFi=New DeFi. What is the core attraction of DeFi for funds? Security+guarantee+high returns. However, DeFi has already been exhausted in the previous bull market, making it difficult to come up with new stories. RWA is essentially an advanced play of stablecoins like USDT and USDC.

As we all know, stablecoins like USDT are backed by a sufficient amount of real-world high-quality assets, which can be in the form of US dollars, US bonds, or bonds of high-quality listed companies. This is essentially the precursor of RWA. However, with the entry of trillion-dollar capital players like BlackRock into BTC and subsequently into blockchain, the previous USDT and other stablecoins appear somewhat outdated.

  • Stablecoins denominated in US dollars are relatively transparent and can only support relatively monotonous gameplay.
  • The requirement to retain funds at a higher level has increased.
  • There is a demand for more real-world assets (including a large number of non-high-quality assets) to be liquidated.

Therefore, RWA is a very good storyline. The real attraction of finance lies in the opaque areas, the layers of packaging, and the progression of various derivatives, completing the transfer of capital under the false prosperity.

Some people say that RWA has a low ceiling, but they overlook the fact that financial gameplay with real-world assets has already reached sky-high leverage. The truly attractive "good" financial products are high returns, which come from high leverage, which is achieved through layers of packaging.

Good luck!

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