Tutorial - Phaver Potential Earning Points Tips

Important Update!!!#

After discussing with the support team, it has been confirmed that the current method in this tutorial is not effective and it is uncertain what the future holds. The only way to earn points at the moment is by having others pledge to your posts. Therefore, I would like to clarify that if you want to earn points quickly, you can close this page. I will continue to follow this logic myself.

I believe that only this method will motivate creators to produce higher quality works and encourage everyone to actively pledge to quality works. Otherwise, it will be difficult for this ecosystem to progress, and the few points earned through gaming the system will not amount to much. So, I will continue to pledge to quality posts and support the economic logic of creators.


No foreplay, let's get straight to the point!

Core Method#

  1. This method is only applicable to those with financial capabilities. Buy NFTs that offer high points rewards.
  2. Post high-quality content to attract more pledges. This method requires a high level of personal influence and may not be suitable for most people.
  3. Follow those who receive many pledges on each post and pledge to their posts daily.

Technical Breakdown#

How to Find People#

Click the search button at the bottom of the app to bring up the following interface:


The "Check out these profiles" section above is where we can find potential targets. Click "SEE MORE" to browse.

Who to Choose#

Pay attention to two main points: the number of pledges on each post and the posting frequency.
Taking the Japanese girl below as an example, she is currently one of the top Phavers. She posts regularly every day, and each of her posts receives a high number of pledges. It's almost guaranteed that her posts will receive pledges.


I personally don't recommend pledging to accounts with low posting frequency but high pledge amounts for each post. I will explain the reasons later, using the example below:


How to Pledge#

Let me first explain why I don't recommend pledging to accounts with low posting frequency.

  1. Accumulating as many points as possible relies on pledging to high-quality posts and having more people pledge after you.
  2. Therefore, the points you can earn after pledging belong to a long-term income. It depends on whether the post you pledged to continues to receive ongoing pledges. The more pledges it receives, the more points you can earn continuously.
  3. Pledging to accounts with low posting frequency may seem profitable in terms of individual post pledge income. However, due to the low activity of the account, the probability of receiving more pledges decreases over time. Additionally, low activity can affect the loyalty of others towards the account, ultimately impacting the continuous income from the posts you have already pledged to.
  4. Pledging to posts from accounts with high posting frequency and substantial pledge amounts allows you to quickly earn short-term pledge income and decent continuous pledge income. These accounts are constantly active and can attract more users to pledge. Users who are attracted to these accounts are more likely to pledge to their historical posts, which is the source of your continuous income.
  5. Another point to consider is pledging to premium posts. How to identify premium posts? Look for the purple text below each post's username. Clicking on it will show the post's category. Check if "Premium" is mentioned at the top.

My Earnings#

Personally, as an L3 member, I receive 10 free pledges daily. Generally, I can earn around 50-100 points per day through pledging. Since the official documentation does not provide a detailed explanation of the points earning model through pledging, I cannot provide specific ratios. However, following the methods I mentioned above can help you earn as many points as possible.

**Updated on September 22, 2023
Yesterday, some accounts I usually follow posted a few regular posts. Without carefully reviewing them, I pledged to them. Today, the points I received were not significant. Therefore, it is still recommended to focus on premium posts.

**Updated on September 23, 2023
I'm not sure if it was just my previous misconception, but following this approach for the past few days did not result in significantly more points. Therefore, it seems that this tutorial is temporarily unable to provide real feedback. Please consider your own situation before deciding whether to follow this approach! According to the official whitepaper, my tutorial is correct and logical. If it weren't for the logic presented in this tutorial, everyone would just pledge to each other, which would be fatal for the social ecosystem. In any case, let's wait for further updates.

I hope this article can help you earn points on Phaver! If you find it useful, please give me a follow:


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