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The Story of You in FT in Those Years

For products in the social + "knowledge payment or Alpha circle" track like FT, I don't think there will be any future. There are three reasons: 1. The social function is weak and mediocre, with low user stickiness. 2. As a knowledge payment product, top experts look down on it (they have their own stable and controllable charging model), and some users in the middle and later stages want to do well but cannot gain more recognition from others. They see everyone else getting involved and decide to join in as well. 3. Joining the Alpha circle of the big shots? What conditions do most people have to qualify? The more powerful the big shot, the less likely they are to truly engage in charity. Instead of believing in various promises, it's better to participate in this kind of Ponzi scheme at the right time, when no one is interested, and leave when it's bustling with activity, taking away a hundred boxes of gold without leaving a single ounce of silver.
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