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Basic Information#

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Product Positioning: CEX DApp Payment
Project Introduction:
Hi is a Web3 payment application and protocol designed to democratize blockchain technology and provide a range of mobile and online financial services to eligible users. It operates as an integrated exchange, allowing users to trade various cryptocurrencies while retaining full control of their funds. The network is licensed as a virtual asset service provider by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, ensuring compliance and security for users.

Main Features#

Trade Cryptocurrencies and Fiat#


Securely trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies with fees as low as zero, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and over 100 other cryptocurrencies.


Financial Support#

  • Instantly send euros and pounds through SEPA and FPS
  • Seamlessly deposit or receive euros or pounds using the hi app for investment, savings, or spending
  • Get real exchange rates and send funds with zero hidden fees
  • Transfer funds between hi and other banks. Revolut, Barclays, you name it....



  • Hi Earn - Earn high yields by transferring your crypto savings to hi and simply holding them.
  • Crypto Flexible Earn - Put your savings to work and have the freedom to withdraw anytime. Get paid in USDT or ETH every Friday.
  • Fiat Flexible Earn - Deposit pounds or euros into the fiat account in the hi app and get paid in the corresponding currency every Friday.
  • Fixed Earn - Earn up to 20% yield by staking your favorite assets. Offering term options, all earnings paid in HI. Members are entitled to gains, with APY increased by up to 50%.

Hong Kong Exchange#

Exchange Address:


Open to Hong Kong users only



Hi Play#

Play games to win $Hi


Gift Cards#


Financing Information#

Currently, two rounds of financing have been obtained:

  1. In July 2021, investments were received from HashKey, #Hashed, and Longling Capital, with specific amounts undisclosed. In addition, CMCC Global is also listed as an investor on Hi's official website, with specific details unknown.


  1. In July 2023, exclusive investment of $30 million was received from Animoca Ventures.

Source of Information:
July 2021
July 2023


Token Name and Code: HI
Token Type: ERC-20 and BEP-20, with possible migration to the hi protocol in the future
ERC-20 Contract Address: 0xc4f6e93aeddc11dc22268488465babcaf09399ac
BEP-20 Contract Address: 0x77087ab5df23cfb52449a188e80e9096201c2097
The current total supply of HI is 9,833,337,402.
The current circulating supply of HI is 2,898,698,243.
HI Spot Price: $0.003


Hi's founder, Sean Rach, was the former CMO of -> Official Confirmation


Keywords: Trade, Fiat, Payment, HK
It is worth keeping an eye on Hi due to its recent large financing.

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