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Basic Information#

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Product Positioning: Layer 2 Account Protocol
Project Introduction:
Zecrey is a second-layer protocol based on zk-Rollup, with privacy and scalability. From a product perspective, Zecrey provides a user-friendly wallet that combines L1 and Zecrey's native L2. The wallet embeds two different types of Layer 2 systems, namely Zecrey Zero and Zecrey Legend. The first one focuses on privacy features, while the second one focuses on NFT issuance and NFT marketplace.

Main Features#

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Seed Round#

Zecrey Protocol completed a seed round financing worth $4 million in March 2022. The investors in this round include The Spartan Group, Shima Capital, Fundamental Labs, and others. A total of 15 investors participated in this round.

Strategic Round#

Binance Labs made an exclusive strategic investment of $6 million in May 2022.$6m-strategic-investment-in-zecrey-421499824684903866

Potential Return Items#

Product Testing#

For relevant tutorials, please refer to the official Discord Chinese channel:

Zecrey Avatar NFT#

The official team released an NFT collection called Zecrey Chameleon Avatar in October 2021, with a total supply of 4,740.
What can Zecrey Avatar NFT do?

The Zecrey team attaches great importance to brand building. This is a derivative avatar series based on the brand logo. In the future Zecrey plugin wallet and WebApp, users who have applied for NFT can directly set the current avatar as the image contained in the NFT metadata. The metadata of this avatar is stored on IPFS and cannot be tampered with.
In addition, as the first event of the NFT narrative series, we will also tilt towards early event participants in subsequent events, and as the mainnet goes live, we will continue to carry out different activities to thank community participants. Stay tuned.

For more information, please read the official Medium article:


Keywords: Binance Labs NFT brand building
Binance Labs' exclusive investment, the official team explicitly mentioned a tilt towards NFT as a brand logo.
As someone interested in NFT, I found it fun to participate in some NFT projects. DYOR!

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