Project Research - Zecrey Update


Review of Previous Situation#

Last time, some basic information research and analysis were conducted on the Zecrey project:
Review of Previous Situation


Today, we will expand on the previous research report, and the content is not long.

Latest Developments of Zecrey#

Zecrey initially aimed to build a Layer2 privacy protocol based on ZK-Rollup. However, after some time and effort, they decided to change their original plan and develop a brand new Kontos Protocol and zkLegend (formerly known as Zecrey Legend). This is an L2 full-chain NFT market built on Kontos.
For an introduction to these two and the latest developments of the project, please refer to the following two official Medium articles:
Introducing Zecrey Labs' Latest Innovations: Kontos Protocol and zkLegend
Redefining the Blockchain Landscape with Intent-Centric ZK-Based Protocols and a Revamped Wallet

In simple terms, Zecrey's latest product Kontos is ready to focus on AA wallets.

Financing Update#

Insufficient information was obtained in the previous research report. The actual financing situation can be found in the following Mirror article (which will be continuously updated):
Zecrey Financing Information Summary

Potential Analysis#

From the project's financing information, it can be seen that Binance Labs exclusively invested $6 million in the fourth round of strategic financing, indicating that Binance is optimistic about Zecrey's development. In addition, since 2023, AA wallets have gradually entered everyone's field of vision, and many projects and institutions have tried to apply AA wallets. The largest institution promoting AA wallets is OKX. The reason behind this is not difficult to guess. AA wallets are definitely one of the biggest boosters for the next bull market because they greatly reduce the threshold for users to enter the chain from CEX and seamlessly switch between various chains.
So far, it seems that Binance has not taken any proactive response to AA wallets. Moreover, among the numerous projects invested by Binance Labs, Zecrey is the only project I currently know of that focuses on AA wallets.

So, do you understand?

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