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Project introduction: A gamefi with the appearance of a pet development system derived from Twitter X
For detailed information, please refer to the official documentation:
Invitation code required for the first game: xpet_2652a2d1

Reasons to follow#

  1. The market is gradually heating up, and various tracks are starting to make moves. Don't miss out on the game track.
  2. Xpet is still in its early stages, and game features are gradually being released. Participating now will keep you up to date.
  3. The current mechanisms have restrictions on both spending and earning, indicating that the project team is serious about making this game and attaches great importance to its long-term development.

Why Xpet?#

Because it's simple!
When I first started playing Xpet, I thought of a product that many people remember: QQ Pets. It took the gameplay of pets to the extreme by using QQ social as a carrier. Although it has now come to an end, its past glory is worth remembering.
Xpet chooses Twitter as its social platform and provides game services in the form of plugins. Players' Twitter profiles will also display pet dynamics. If the cooperation with Twitter can be handled well, Xpet has the potential for viral spread.

Xpet is on the arb chain and has a dual currency system: xpet and bpet, with a total supply of 300 million xpet and no limit for bpet.
In the early stage, only after the pet reaches level 7 can it start mining blueberries, which can be converted into bpet by the factory, which is the in-game token. Pets and factories can be upgraded, but later upgrades can only be done with bpet. The gameplay of another token, xpet, will be updated later, but currently there is no new gameplay. Bpet can be converted to xpet at a 1:1 ratio, but there are daily limits. The total amount of blueberries that each person can mine is limited, and the total amount is determined by the amount of bpet invested by the player. There are speed limits for mining blueberries and converting them into bpet, which are related to the level of pets and factories.

Regarding the latest distribution plan for xpet and bpet earnings:
Important points:

  1. xpet: 45% of the income is used for the bpet to xpet pool, and 50% is used for community development.
  2. bpet: 84% of the income will be burned.
    It can be seen that the project team attaches great importance to the sustainable development of the game and knows how to play the game.

My thoughts#

  1. The latest updated game rules are very clear. The total amount of blueberries that can be mined is determined by the total amount of bpet recharged by the player, but the release speed is different (determined by the level of pets and factories), but in the end, all will be released. If the initial mindset is to mine and sell, it will be difficult to enter the later gameplay.
  2. Once the player's mined blueberries reach the amount of bpet recharged, an adventure will be triggered, where players can earn blueberries or bpet.
  3. The game limits the total amount of blueberries that can be mined. To obtain more blueberries, players need to participate in adventures and future game scenes. Therefore, currently, the level of pets is more important than the level of factories. Prioritize upgrading pets.
  4. The level of pets determines the speed of blueberry mining, and the level of factories determines the speed of converting blueberries into bpet.
  5. The level of pets will be the focus of future gameplay such as adventures, and various props will likely be introduced.
  6. Another way to obtain blueberries is through inviting others. The invited person needs to spend bpet that is not given by the system to receive blueberry rewards.

That's all for now. I have invested some money and have been reinvesting the mined blueberries for upgrades. I hope the project team will follow the right path!
Decide whether to play based on your own situation, as no one can guarantee zero risk!

Project updates#

My understanding of the latest rules:

  1. The funds recharged by players will be slowly released through mining, which greatly limits the excessive rush of players who spend a lot of money and reduces the possibility of arbitrage, which is beneficial to the sustainable development of the game.
  2. Pets are NFTs and can be traded in the future. This scenario is familiar to those who have played games, so your pet is your biggest asset.
  3. Gamefi, some people will only buy tokens without playing the game, and they will speculate on the token price and provide liquidity.

In simple terms, the logic of xpet is:
The more bpet you spend (upgrading pets, factories, buying pets, buying props, etc.), the more blueberries you will mine. Blueberries can be converted to bpet at a 1:1 ratio, but with speed limits.
For example, when Xiaoming starts playing xpet, he buys 1000 bpet. He uses these bpet to upgrade his pets to level 13 and his factory to level 2. At this point, he has 41 bpet left and cannot perform any other operations. The pets start mining blueberries, and the factory starts converting blueberries into bpet. After he converts all the mined blueberries into bpet, he has 1000 bpet again. He upgrades his pets to level 16 with the 133 bpet he has left, and then he cannot perform any other operations... This cycle continues. When the amount of bpet converted from the mined blueberries (plus the balance of 1000) is not enough to pay for any consumption scenarios, he has three choices: maintain the current level and continue to earn, sell bpet, or continue to recharge bpet.
From the above example, it can be seen that Xiaoming's initial consumption of bpet will continue to circulate, similar to staking, and the income is the level upgrades of pets and factories. The level of pets will affect the bpet income from PVE and PVP, so the actual staking income currently comes from the bpet income brought by pets in PVE and PVP.
Real GameFi

DeFi is heavily involved, social + game + DeFi, especially the recruitment aspect. Looking forward to 2024...
The gameplay of token xpet has not been announced yet, so it is unknown how it will be played in the future. Initially, I thought it would be similar to the dual token system of AXS and SLP, but it seems different now. The total supply of xpet is fixed at 300 million, and currently, bpet can be converted to xpet at a 1:1 ratio, but it is limited by recharging and the number of people in the queue, which is well controlled. The specific value of xpet still needs to be determined after the gameplay is updated.
Previously, I always thought that xpet and bpet would be like the relationship between AXS and SLP, with unlimited supply of SLP. Now it is clear that bpet is not generated out of thin air but is anchored to the recharged and consumed by players. The future value of bpet depends on the official attitude towards xpet. Some people speculate that xpet is socialfi + gamefi, with xpet responsible for social and bpet for the game. Maybe, who can say for sure? The key is that the official knows how to play.

About bpet inflation:
Assuming an initial recharge of 10,000 bpet and consumption, 84% will be directly sent to the burning contract, leaving 16% as the inflation value. In addition to the official inflation, there are also rewards for inviting others, which I personally estimate to be about 25%. The official has made it clear that only bpet spent on consumption by recharging will bring invitation rewards to the inviter, and there is no invitation reward for reinvestment.
From the above, it can be known that the consumption (recharge + reinvestment) part always has a 16% inflation, and each consumption will reset the refund period. For example, Xiaoming initially recharged and consumed 10,000 bpet, which will be refunded over 25 days, with 400 bpet per day. After he has been refunded for 10 days and then spends 2000 bpet on upgrades, the refund period is reset: (10,000 - 400 * 10 + 2000) / 25 = 320 bpet/day.
Invitation rewards are also slowly released. This mechanism greatly limits the speed of inflation, and it is indeed well played.

bpet inflation model
Inflation through consumption: 16%, cyclic, slow release.
Inflation through boost: 5%, one-time, slow release.
Assuming the initial total amount of bpet is x, inflation is calculated based on the output period, with a period of 25 days and a period number of n. The total amount of bpet in the nth period is y(n). The consumption ratio in each period is a, without considering new funds and boost.
y(1) = x + a * x * (16% + 5%) = x * (1 + a * (16% + 5%))
y(2) = y(1) * (1 + a * 16%)
y(3) = y(2) * (1 + a * 16%) = y(1) * (1 + a * 16%)^2 (squared)
y(n) = y(1) * (1 + a * 16%)^(n - 1) (to the power of n-1)
Ideal maximum inflation:
a = 100%
y(n) = x * 1.21 * 1.16^(n - 1)
y(10) = 4.6x
The actual situation is:
Each consumption will reset the period, and the actual period will be much longer than 25 days. This makes the model more complex, so it is not considered.
If the price of bpet rises, the turnover rate will increase. Assuming that all the turnover is invested in new consumption, the above model will become:
y(n) = y(1) * (1 + a * 16% + (1 - a) * 5%)^n (to the power of n)
Updated inflation:
a = 50%
y(n) = x * (1.105)^n
y(10) = 2.7x
You can understand the inflation of bpet based on the above model. The fact is that it is different from the dual token system in traditional gamefi. The increase in bpet is small and slow, and mining, selling, and reinvesting will not work.
Note: 1% of the 16% is for the team, which is unlikely to be spent on consumption, but for convenience, it is also calculated.

According to the current whitepaper of xpet:
Within 24 months, the release rate of xpet is not small.
The inflation rate in the first year is 683%, which is much higher than bpet.
The inflation rate in the second year is 155%, which is lower than bpet.


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