Before the launch of the RSS3 mainnet


The following content is a simplified version based on my personal understanding, the actual situation may be more complex

What is RSS3#

Processing massive on-chain data for convenient use by enterprises and ordinary users
RSS3 can be understood as a refined on-chain data service provider

What is the RSS3 Mainnet#

A distributed solution that provides on-chain storage and usage of the above data
Enterprises can directly pull data for personalized use, and ordinary users can develop and use dapps on the mainnet

RSS3 Mainnet Economic Model#


RSS3 Ecosystem#


Public chain projects such as Polygon, Arbitrum, zkSync, base, etc.
Social projects like Farcaster, Lens & Nostr


In the AI era, the importance of data and data processing is self-evident
AI + on-chain data is the direction that RSS3 is constantly striving for

RSS3 Prospects#

Industry Development#

As blockchain gradually gains mainstream recognition worldwide, on-chain businesses will thrive, and the value of on-chain data will truly be realized. This path has already been taken by traditional internet, and blockchain is no exception.

Project Potential#

RSS3 has always maintained a high sensitivity to the latest technology and innovation, quickly catching up after AI took the stage last year. Being a first mover + industry sensitivity gives RSS3 the potential to become a unicorn in the blockchain data track.

Team Background#

The RSS3 team has a strong background, solid technical expertise, and few words. The founders are all Chinese, and those in the know in the tech field are aware of the strength of Chinese in the data domain. As a semi-geek, I am extremely fond of it, especially watching the project grow and expand.

How to Participate#

  • Entrepreneurship on the RSS3 Mainnet
  • Short-term trading
  • Long-term value investment
  • Join the team


Suitable for different groups of people, but remember, there are always risks in cryptocurrency investments!

More Information#

RSS3 Route:

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