Project Research - Zora

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Basic Information#

After reviewing various information about Zora, the following is known:

  1. Zora has received a total of 3 rounds of financing, totaling $60 million, but there are only 3 investment institutions, all of which are American companies.

  2. Zora is very likely also an American company, which is consistent with the logic that only American companies invest.

  3. According to statistics, as of September 2023, Zora has generated income from various NFTs, totaling 2000+ ETH, which is equivalent to $4M+ at a coin price of $2000. Its profitability is quite good.

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  1. From a product perspective, Zora has been iterating from last year until now. It is a web3 company that aims to create a good product with good profitability.

Technical Summary:#

  1. From last year until now, I believe many people, like me, have received various types of tokens in their wallets, to the point that when we hear Zora, we think of tokens. Now I think it seems like we've been "pua" (a Chinese term meaning "tricked").
  2. If Zora is indeed an American company, it is unlikely to issue tokens, which means the fantasy of airdrops will not come true.
  3. Based on the various information I have gathered, Zora is likely to become a unicorn company similar to Opensea. Although they both belong to the NFT track, they focus on different areas.
  • Opensea has benefited from the previous NFT bull market and has experienced explosive growth. It can profit from any NFT.
  • Zora, on the other hand, caters to the needs of creators and helps promote art when everyone is constantly squeezing the earnings of creators. It belongs to a niche track within the NFT space.


I believe we should change our mindset when looking at Zora and not continue to hold onto the dream of airdrops. Zora is more likely to aim for its own profitability and returns for investors, so being an early and deep participant is the only way to reap the benefits. As for how to deeply participate, it's time to unleash your most powerful brain.

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